12/31/2010 08:24 PM
The dangers of consuming chemicals, additives and preservatives

Many food products contain chemicals, additives and preservatives, whether they contain gluten or not.  You should avoid as many as possible of these because they can cause ADHD, asthma or even cancer.  If you are switching to a gluten free and/or dairy free diet then as well as making sure there's no gluten or dairy in whatever it is you're eating, you'll need to read the label carefully to ensure you're not consuming anything else that will be detrimental to your health.

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12/31/2010 08:09 PM
ADHD/Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD or Hyperactivity Disorder, especially in children, has been treated as a situation remedied by them taking a drug, such as Ritalin, however there is a growing opinion that the symptoms could be largely reduced or eliminated without gluten and dairy in their diets.  This is definitely still a developing opinion and hasn't been tested in a large enough audience to prove conclusively  beneficial.  Here's an article from Livestrong.com which explains about ADHD and gluten sensitivity:

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12/30/2010 10:22 PM

It's very hard for any parent to be faced with the diagnosis of their child with autism.  Parenting is a big challenge for any parent, but when your child has a special circumstance it can be all the more daunting.  It's comforting to know, however, that there are many resources that are available either at a local level in your city through organisations and support groups, and at a national level through many great organisations.  The web is also a great tool with many very helpful sites.  Here are some useful websites as posted by healthworldnet.com and if you know of any other good resources, either in your area or on the web please feel free to post your comments.



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