12/07/2010 02:12 AM
GFREE TV Reviews So Good Gluten Free Foods

GFree TV recently Reviewed Our Products:

So Good Gluten Free is a company that has earned its name, at least when it came to the products we reviewed on the show. So, which products got the highest remarks? Watch and find out!
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12/07/2010 02:03 AM
So Good Gluten Free Brownies win Best Prebaked Brownie by G-Free Foodie

Here is an excerpt of G-Free Foodie's Review:

We usually don’t have a lack of tasters around G-Free Foodie, we are Foodies, after all.  Still, it’s funny how many folks show up when the review is for Gluten Free Brownies (and how many who call “dibs” on the leftovers!)  We could’ve taken a bus to a Chocacholics Anonymous meeting.

Here’s how we did this: Mixes were made with standard directions & baked for the time directed on the package. No nuts, chips or other mix-ins were added. Several of the mixes we tried have alternate recipes or substitutions for other allergens, and you’ll find some of those outlined in our review.
Get a napkin, ’cause here we go -

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12/07/2010 01:56 AM
Recent Review By Allison Hecht LA Gluten Free Food Examiner

Here is an excerpt of Allison's Article:

I recently had an opportunity to sample some products from So Good Gluten Free Foods, the newest kid on the block to create a line of delicious gluten-free products.

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