12/31/2010 07:20 PM
Dairy/Casein/Lactose Intolerance

The explanation of the difference between a product containing dairy and a product containing casein is that they are essentially the same thing.  Casein is a protein found predominantly in cow's milk and therefore in all dairy products and although it's in a reduced amount it's also present in goat's milk.  If your aim is to avoid dairy products then all dairy containing cow's or goat's milk should be avoided.  The protein casein acts in a similar way to gluten and so there are many people who cannot tolerate either gluten or dairy. 

Doctors treating autistic people recommend a gluten free and dairy free diet as being of real benefit.  Many people who are recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease are as sensitive to dairy as they are to gluten, however over time, once both gluten and dairy have been removed from their diets, and their bodies have healed, many can return to dairy again.  (Note: They should NOT return to eating gluten.)

Here's a useful page answering some frequently asked questions about dairy/lactose/casein intolerance:


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