12/07/2010 02:03 AM
So Good Gluten Free Brownies win Best Prebaked Brownie by G-Free Foodie

Here is an excerpt of G-Free Foodie's Review:

We usually don’t have a lack of tasters around G-Free Foodie, we are Foodies, after all.  Still, it’s funny how many folks show up when the review is for Gluten Free Brownies (and how many who call “dibs” on the leftovers!)  We could’ve taken a bus to a Chocacholics Anonymous meeting.

Here’s how we did this: Mixes were made with standard directions & baked for the time directed on the package. No nuts, chips or other mix-ins were added. Several of the mixes we tried have alternate recipes or substitutions for other allergens, and you’ll find some of those outlined in our review.
Get a napkin, ’cause here we go -

Best Pre-Baked: There was no doubt about it – the winner here was the delicious Gluten Free & Dairy Free Brownies from So Good Gluten Free Foods.  This new company just started selling these treats, and we’re so glad they did.  They’re way good.  Call 951.302.6472 to order

Best Overall Brownie: We loved the Chocolate Truffle Brownie Mix from Gluten Free Pantry for it’s great texture and pure chocolate flavor.  This mix is decadent but not over-the-top sweet, and the kids loved the mini-chocolate chips scattered through the mix.  Gluten-eaters will never know these brownies are G-Free, they’ll just be asking you to bake for every event in the future.  Package includes directions for a Dairy Free version.  Get your Chocolate Truffle Brownie fix at Premium & Natural Grocers or Online

Best Mix: She knows how to bake, that Betty Crocker.  Our tasters loved the flavor and texture of Betty’s Gluten Free Brownie Mix, and the chocolate chips are a nice touch.  Find it in National Retailers or use their Product Locator

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Thank you to the G-Free Foodies.  We work hard to make our products the very best!

Comment By So Good Gluten Free Foods on 12/21/2010 01:03 PM
I have to agree! These brownies are delicious and my family loves them.
Comment By DevinRusk on 01/03/2011 01:28 PM
I love this food!! Thank you so much!!
Comment By So Good Gluten Free Foods on 03/17/2011 03:00 PM
Lindy, these brownies are as good as any "regular" brownie I have ever had. They are delicious!
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